Whilst results will vary from person to person the examples below demonstrate what can be achieved with a simple commitment to regular exercise, progressive improvements and healthy food choices.

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My work as a solicitor in the city is not conducive to a healthy lifestyle, in fact a year into my new job I was having difficulty fitting into my jeans! Wanting to set myself a goal to lose weight and improve my fitness I signed up to a 10km race. However, my initial training didn’t go well, I found it difficult to motivate myself and I didn’t see or feel any results. My boyfriend suggested I have some PT sessions with Alistair. At each session Alistair set goals which were challenging but not impossible, he was aware of what I was capable of even if I wasn’t! Seeing the progression in my strength, endurance, stability and flexibility from session to session was really motivating. I think the real difference with Alistair is the level of support he gives you, for him it’s not just about the time you spend with him training, he realises that that’s only a small part of making a change, so he gave me realistic advice on diet, sleep and independent training, tailoring the advice to fit my lifestyle and work so it’s totally doable. When it came to doing the 10km as I crossed the finish line I felt like I could have run at least another 10km, and as for the jeans, I’ve had to buy new ones as the old ones I couldn’t fit into before are all too big
— Rachel Sailes
When I first met Alistair in the depth of Winter 2009/10 I was in a pretty sorry state. Having recently been hospitalised with pneumonia I was weak, unfit and demoralised. Our first sessions merely illustrated my worst fears that there was going to be a long road ahead to get back a level of fitness that I would be happy with . Despite these dark days, Alistair tailored a programme for me that was challenging yet achievable, and most importantly progressive. Goals were set, programmes rotated regularly and slowly but surely I emerged into the Spring with a literal spring in my step. What worked for me was Alistair’s good nature and encouraging demeanour. He motivates you without being a drill sergeant, shouting instructions and puffing out his chest. I worked so much harder than I would have by myself because I didn’t want to let him down and I certainly didn’t want to undershoot my targets. He has a great knowledge of the way the body works and how it responds to different training methods. Having been historically terrible at committing to going to the gym, I found a new religious commitment to my weekly training sessions. Nearly two years on and what has changed? Well I am stronger, fitter, healthier, more awake and happier. What never changed was the constant challenge of beating the targets and making progress
— Matt Cobon
I never had to exercise or watch my diet before I had children. After my second child, I couldn’t quite lose the last 4kg and my core was weak. I wanted to get back in shape and my husband recommended Alistair. I trained with him for three months and the result was amazing - I changed my diet, lost 7kg and gained some core stability and strength. Most importantly, I enjoyed the exercise. It gave me confidence in my abilities which I didn’t have before. Each session was geared to my personal level of ability, getting just a bit more challenging every time such that over a period of time I could really see the progress I’ve made. Alistair also introduced me to a new concept of eating. This coupled with the strength and endurance exercise is what I believe made a sustainable change in my lifestyle and made me feel more energized and fit. Alistair genuinely believes and has a huge amount of knowledge in the area of health, physical and mental wellbeing which make him a great coach and an invaluable resource for his clients to achieve whatever personal objectives they may have
— Svetlana Kumanova
Going on a summer holiday I wanted to quickly lose some weight and increase muscle mass. I had 8 weeks and with a hectic work schedule I was struggling to fit the time into my diary to complete an effective workout. My diet was also appalling. Working with Alistair was a breath of fresh air. He took the time to listen to what I wanted to achieve, but also he paid attention to the constraints I had due to work. He tailored a plan that meant I only had to find 30 minutes in my day to complete an effective workout. Each session with Alistair was fun, educating and above all challenging. He made sure to highlight the improvements I was making in each session which gave me the confidence to go off and keep pushing for results on my own. He also helped me with my diet providing great insight into the right foods and tips to make the change to healthy eating more palatable. As a result I lost 8.4kg in just 7 weeks, and I went on holiday feeling healthy, energetic but above all confident.
— Dave Heathwood